So... You want to find out who owns a phone number... Who's been calling you and hanging up when you answer... Who's phone number is on your caller id... Or you're asking yourself, who's number is this that keeps sending me random texts or you'd like to search for a phone number by the person's name.. Well don't worry about it we will help you out. View the websites below and you will be able to do a reverse phone lookup for a landline or a cell.

Facebook - Type the phone number in the search box on Facebook and if that person has a profile then it will show it and it doesn't matter if they have their phone number set to private or not. This is an awesome way to do a reverse phone number lookup for free. You can also type the person's name in the search box and view the about section on their profile and if their phone number isn't set to private then you can view their phone number that way too.

Spy Dialer - A phone number search that provides the person's name in the results of the lookup. Not every time will you get the name of the person who owns the phone number but you will have pretty good odds. Sometimes it says unavailable and sometimes it doesn't when you do the name lookup. When you do the reverse phone search you will have the option to hear the person's voicemail, search by name or by photo. You get a few free searches or you can share your address book and get 100 spy dials or you can pay $9.95 for 100 spy dials. Over all it's a pretty useful website that will help you see who that missed call was etc.

Yellow Pages - This site is best used when searching for the owner of a landline phone number. If it's an unlisted phone number or a cell phone number you will have problems trying to get results without having to pay a fee.

Melissa Data - With this search you can find the general location of the phone number and the carrier of the phone for free.

Phone Validator - Find out if the phone number is a cell or a landline for free.